Wednesday 16 December 2015

Last repaints of 2015

2015 has not been a great year for me Health-wise with not many repaints completed , here are the last repaints of 2015 looking for homes for Christmas . Please email me at if you would like any of the following dolls . Apologies for the picture quality .

The above girl is Crystal. She is from 1969 and has been repainted with acrylic paints by myself and her foot is signed and dated. She has been restrung and is in gently played condition with a slight green stain to her shoulder . She comes wearing a monique wig which is not glued in place so can be changed if desired . She wears a pretty embroidered dress by Karensyarn with socks by Dollies4u and shoes by Jean Jenson Price £500  SALE PENDING

This little lady is Maddison , she is a late 70s girl in gently played with condition. She has been restrung and repainted by myself with acrylic paints , her foot is signed and dated. She comes wearing a monique wig which is not glued in place so can be changed if desired . She wears a Vintage-Sasha dress set with socks by Dollies4u and shoes by Allcraft . She also retains her wrist tag. Price £300

This young man is Mattie. He is an 80s Gregor in displayed condition and comes complete with his tag . His eyes were very bland so I have repainted him with acrylic paints and his foot is signed and dated. His hair is all original and nicely styled . He comes wearing a Custom made Pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown by Ruthdolls , which he picked himself from my site ;o) 

This little girl is Baby Betty , she is a late 70s unsexed baby who had had her own blonde hair shaved and she was given a horrible wig which had been glued in place . I happened to have this wig in my box which she prefers but this could be changed if desired . She is in gently played conditon and retains her original stringing which is in good order . I have repainted her eyes with acrylic paints and her foot is signed and dated . She comes wearing a dress and jacket by Patty with frilly pants . Price £90 SALE PENDING

This little darling is a real waif but I did say I would try and find him a new home for Christmas . He is an early 70s sexed baby boy named Chip who has really had a hard life , His eyes were terribly greened and he has a chewed hand ;o( He also has otherplaywear present little pin holes from torture poor boy . I have tried my best to cover the green stain of his eyes which would not remove but he is still feeling that happy, his arm have been restrung and he comes wearing a little Ruthsdolls romper, Price £40 SALE PENDING
This is his poor little arm 
This last little lad is Luke . He has such lovely eyes I could never repaint him, He just wants a home for Christmas and some clothes lol . He is in played condition and has a few tiny teeth marks to his feet and one hand . He is from 1973/74 and has original stringing which is in good order . He has fab shaggy NOn falling hair and dark brown eyes . He looks like he has a nose rub but it is smooth no edges . Price £90 SALE PENDING

 Lukes hand and feet 

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Little Projects needing new homes

I have been asked to sell the following dolls by a lady who had them  stored in her garage for ex amount of years in a box . She found them and decided that as they smelt mouldy/musty she would take them apart and clean them , one looks like she used a scourer then decided a wet cloth would be better , I don,t think however she thought things through as she sent me a box of disassembled bagged dolls with no stringing though all hooks are present . These dolls really are project dolls each needing a thorough clean and plenty of fresh air to rid them if the pungent musty odour they all have .They have been played with and all have some surface dirt present so not for the faint hearted . I am anxious to find them new homes where they can be cared for and deodorized , at present they are in isolation ;o) .  If anyone is interested in re-homing one please email me at  .

 Here is the first a 1967 Brunette No Philtrum , beautiful eye paint , lips near gone. I have washed this girls hair so that I can report that she does have some falling hair to the rear but no empty plugs , She has a side part and hair is soft with factory curl remaining . She has a biro mark to her forehead and two to her chin area, she also has to dots of green pen to her right ear all of which can be removed with some OXY10.  Her Torso and limbs are in played with but good condition some surface dirt present . SALE PENDING

 Next up is a 1968 Tiny eyed boy with Jet black Non falling hair . This is the lad who looks like her has been scrubbed with a scourer which has caused dryness to the vinyl, a little added moisture will help with this . he has fab eye paint with paled lips , He is in played with but good order with some playwear to the edges of his feet . Price £120 SALE PENDING

 This little lad is from late 1968 he is in played with but good condition , he has good non falling hair but it feels sticky so could do with a wash . He has good face paint with a faint stain over his right brow ., He also has some playwear to his feet . Price £100 SALE PENDING

 Early 70s Baby girl with falling hair , this little baby is pretty grubby and has some black marks to the torso and one to her leg . She has paled lips and playwear present . She has raised lids . Price £30 SALE PENDING

 1973 Pumpkin string girl though no strings ;o) She is in played with but good condition, she has the worst stains to her legs. Her hair is dry to the ends , She has a little mark close to her eyes also . Face paint is lovely though .Price £60 SALE PENDING

Mid 70s Brunette Sasha . This young lady really needs some frizz ease ;o) , she is in played with but good order , her eyes have greened along with her brows . She does have good non falling hair though .Price £70 SALE PENDING

Thursday 7 August 2014

Guess who is Looking for a new home this week ;o)

Adorable this little Ochre eyed BI Studio doll is a synthetic head and cloth body , She is in very good condition though she has some fading to her tricot along with some slight yellowing from age . She has a beautiful matt finish face and creamy light complexion . She retains her original human hair wig which is in good order and her eyepaint is stunning . She comes wearing a Ruthsdolls dress set and handknitted socks with felt shoes which look to be original though maybe not to this young lady as they are a little to large around the toes . 

Saturday 26 July 2014

Chloe's Harrods adventure

Tomorrow is my Granddaughter Chloe's 5th Birthday and today her Mum is taking her for an extra special Birthday surprise . Instead of buying her lots of little things we have all clubbed together to pay for her to have a Princess day at Harrods in Knightsbridge London, all she knows is she is going on a day trip and there will be a surprise .
 With her bag all packed she called in to see me for some tissues then quickly out to hail down the local bus to the tube station. Excited is not the word think she is enjoying the fact its just her and her Mum :O)
                                                               And off we go the day begins
Think she might know whats happening now by the smile on her face lol. Waiting for a phonecall or some pics will add them soon as I have some . Here is the link to show exactly what she will be experiencing today , one very lucky little girl , hope she doesn,t except the same every year though lol